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Valdosta, GA
Born Vicki Shaw in Lakeland, Georgia 1957, South Georgia artist Vicki Hughes began taking pictures at
age 10. Her first camera was a Polaroid Swinger.  As a teenager Vicki began borrowing her father’s
Minolta 35mm to shoot family and friends as most kids do.  She noticed she began looking at things
differently than others and wanting to save memories, feelings and special places all the time.  Growing up
around beautiful Lake Murray, Columbia, SC, and living 20 years in the South Carolina Lowcountry with all
it’s spender, was a big influence in her development as an artist.

Vicki's first professional cameras were Minolta 9000s in the 80
's. Always taking pictures for friends, family
and she, a friend talked Vicki into accepting a few photo assignments. Eventually she began doing ad
layouts and brochure work in the Charleston, SC area, then began taking freelance assignments for local
and national media groups.  

After the death of her husband, Vicki and son Marcus moved home to South Georgia and she retired as a
professional photographer but never stopped taking pictures.  In the late 90’s her photography focus
turned to sports and nature as Marcus became a nationally ranked racquetball player crisscrossing the
US for tournaments.   Her racquetball pictures have been featured in Racquetball Magazine and KillShot
Magazine, numerous websites and ad layouts, and two of her pictures are hanging in the World Sports
Federation in Monaco.  Vicki's years as photographer for the US Open Racquetball Championship
Tournament in Memphis, TN were exciting and rewarding.  This event was very important to the artist
because it raises funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.   She had many opportunities to visit the
hospital photographing the pro athletes interact with the children and their families.  Its times like that when
you realize how crucial fund raising is for cancer research.  Vicki is proud to have been a Silver Sponsor
of the event for many years by donating time and gifts for the week.

During these same years Vicki would volunteer, teaching high school students basic photography.  The
importance of prospective as well as teaching basic camera care and use, were her focus points, wanting
the cameras donated to the yearbook staff to last a few years.   She states “I hope I passed a little of my
enthusiasm on to others.  I love encouraging others to find the joy in photography.”

Vicki feels she has been fortunate to be able to incorporate photography into each phase of her life.   In
her current role as an economic developer she is always shooting something and said “I have to confess,
my favorite thing to shoot as a part of my job is the Georgia Quail Hunt (formerly Fall Feather Hunt) for
three days each year. “  You can see this influence in much of my more recent work.  

Vicki still shoots about 25% of her work with 35mm film however reluctantly moving into digital.  
Photography has been an important part of her life and those around her.   Her digital paintings are a
natural progression of that growth as are her original oil paintings. Vicki loves capturing emotions or
preserving the beauty of nature however simple or complex and plans to keep doing this for a long time.   
She hopes her artwork brings you pleasure as it has her.

Vicki in the Mountains
Paint of Vicki for Son, Marcus
"If you enjoy giving to others and look for great bargains out there, there is a gift that warms the heart, can be given every day and is FREE...
It is the simple act of giving a SMILE."
        Vicki Hughes
Vicki Shaw Hughes - Photographer / Artist