Artwork and Photographs by
Vicki Shaw Hughes
"Southern Reflections is
a pace, an insight, a perspective, an expression,
a thought...a feeling from my heart."
Vicki Hughes
Contact Information:
Vicki Shaw Hughes
5967 Lake Shore Dr.
Naylor, GA 31641
(229) 249-8954
(229) 300-9931
Southern Reflections
Copyright © 2007 Vicki Hughes Southern Reflections - All rights reserved.
Valdosta, GA
Double Point
"As you walk, run, climb, jump and even sometimes stumble and crash through life, notice EVERYTHING"  
                                                                                                                                                                                              Vicki Hughes
Black Water Lily
Birds of Pray
Canvas Collection Book
Southern Reflections
Canvas Collection

Show and Reception

March 25 - OutdoorFest,
The Threatte Center, Lakeland, GA

December 3-4 - Holiday Showcase
Lakeland GA, The Threatte Center
Vicki’s digital paintings are a natural progression of her artistic
growth as are her oil paintings.  A digital painting begins with one
of her photographs.  Using several computer programs, Vicki begins
the process of transformation.  The canvas size is decided first, then
the style, feel and pallet.  She begins the paint process by working
on a small section at a time with digital paint brushes, much like an
artist using conventional paints and brushes, until the entire canvas
is finished.  The print featured on the left, "Black Water Lily", took
approximately a hundred and eighty hours to complete.  Each print
is signed and numbered with signature and series number hand
painted on the canvas.  Please visit the
PRINTS to see more.
What is a Digital Painting?
Framed Mule in the Mist
Mountain Views Book
Mountain Views
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